"Kris' jewelry is more than necklaces, bracelets and earrings. It is artwork, informed and inspired by her life as a yogi, a traveler, a seeker of joy. Kris brings a sophisticated, yet spirit-based eye to the unique materials she uses to build her wearable art; and every piece feels as though it has a story, a history. I recognize Kris' work whenever I see it. There is a boldness to the form and color of her pieces, yet each piece has a distinctly light hearted feel. Her jewelry works well with a business wardrobe, with evening wear, and with jeans. -Nancy

"Don't know if you remember how excited I was when I saw this exquisite necklace ! But then again, I get excited about all my beautiful pieces from you. I think it's partly because You are such a wonderful , soulful, beautiful woman of many talents. You treasure every person you meet and touch everyone's heart.Your magnificent jewelry is a reflection of you, Kris." -Dee

"On several occasions, I have had bracelets made for some of the people dearest to me.  I wanted them to have something that was really unique.  I had one made for a friend on her 50th birthday, a niece for her high school graduation, and a sister on her 60th birthday.  To me, these were very important events and I really wanted these women to have something beautiful; something that would make them feel special.  I just sent Kris some information about each person and from my description, she was able to create something fabulous." -Tina

"I treasure each of the Kris Halter jewelry pieces that I have in my collection.  They are beautiful/ unique art forms... and I receive many compliments every time I wear a piece.  I have chosen to celebrate many friends and family members by adorning them with Kris Halter jewelry. Besides being inspired by gem stones,  I know Kris has been  insprired by a  teacher in her life Shri Ashutosh Muni, lovingly referred to as Bapuji." -Donna

"Kris is a very fine jewelry designer and artist.  She is inspired - not only by the peaceful surroundings she has created in her studio and home, but she is inspired by her travels, her friends and her vision of her art.  Kris has a natural talent for combining the perfect stones, textures, colors and shapes to create unique and beautiful jewelry.  She is always searching for new ideas, new stones, new combinations.  Her work is always evolving, always exciting, always interesting and  - a joy to wear!  Kris and her creations are very inspiring!-Cynthia